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Motivate Cards was borne out of frustration. Simon Phillips, the co creator of the original Motivate Cards, was fed up of not being able to assess how the organisations he was working with were feeling; how motivated was the workforce before, during and after the changes he was facilitating? Staff Surveys only told him so much and very often were presenting data long after it was useful. Focus Groups were, at best, only representative of a very small percentage of staff. Even the more meaningful Satisfaction Surveys were fairly dull and delivered low completion rates.

In the process of re-developing the 1:1 coaching tool with Sue Wellman, the pair recognised the value of Motivate Cards when used with a team. Comparing how different people felt about the 48 dimensions provided fantastic and pragmatic insights to further develop the team. Colleagues understanding what was motivating and demotivating each other accelerated the generation of ideas for enhanced performance.

From here, it was a small step to imagine the benefits a whole organisation could generate from global workforce data, in real-time, across the 48 dimensions. However, this would mean developing an online engine to capture the assessments, generate real-time information and produce immediate reports for individuals in large and dispersed locations.

At this point, step forward Professor Charlotte Rayner - an expert in Workforce Motivation and keen advisor on how to ensure the tool delivers usable data in a totally underserved area of academic research. Professor Rayner's invaluable insights and experience are the foundation for a growing community of academics keen to understand what truly motivates and demotivates people across all industries and sectors.

The next step was to identify a technical partner capable of delivering a deceptively complex, simple, online App. After a few stalled attempts, Vish Patel and the amazing team at Abbacus Technologies, came to the rescue and have created a beautiful app and brought the idea to life.

The result is the MotivateCards.com online app. We think it marks a significant step forward in the delivery of meaningful information for individuals, teams and organisations and our early clients seem to agree.

  • Individuals are able to find that elusive element that has been holding them back.
  • Teams identify the nuggets for peak performance.
  • Organisations gain insights that have escaped their notice and can respond quickly.

If you are a Coach, a Consultant, a Recruitment Agency or a forward-looking HR Manager and would like to see how Motivate Cards can help you, Contact Us and we'll be happy to chat.

The Motivate Cards Team

Simon Phillips FCIPD is an expert on making change happen. He started his career at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in their pioneering Change Management division and worked with clients across the public and private sectors in the UK, the US, Europe and South Africa. He set up his own business in 2000 and is now a best-selling author, an award-winning trainer, a coach and a consultant. He founded The Change Maker Group - a global collaborative consultancy focused on creating a million Change Makers and is the co-Director of Motivate Cards Limited.

Sue Wellman is the co-Director of Motivate Cards and a Trustee at Concordia and Board member at the Bournemouth and Poole college. She was previously Head of Learning and Development at CEDAR International and a Regional Human Resources Director and then Global HR Director at Bally. Sue set up her own management consultancy in 2002 specialising in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, particularly at board level, management development and facilitation at an international level. Sue is a qualified MBTI user, master practionner of NLP and an NLP Certified coach.

Professor Charlotte Rayner is Emeritus Professor at University of Portsmouth and an expert on workplace bullying and Meaning at Work. Charlotte's experience and standing in the field of the intangible aspects of workforce motivation is unsurpassed and she is an invaluable member of the Motivate Cards team.

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